• Application fee - $175
  • Examination - $600
  • Temporary License - $50
  • Original License fee - $50
  • Renewal fee - $150
  • Reinstatement - $300
  • Duplicate License - $20



This is for new applicants for psychology licensure.  Licensure requirements are:
  • Good moral character and merit public trust
  • Doctorate degree in field of psychology 2 years of supervised work experience. 1 year must be predoctoral internship and 1 year of postdoctoral experience.
  • Pass a nationally standardized competency examination (EPPP) 500.  The EPPP exam is offered daily once registered with PES.  You must have an licensure application on file with the BSRB.  Once approved to sit for the exam, you will receive instructions on how to register for the exam.

This is for psychologists currently licensed in another state and seeking to be licensed in Kansas. Licensure requirements are:
  • The state in which you are currently licensed has substantially equivalent requirements to those for licensure in Kansas, or
  • You are currently licensed and in good standing and meet the following requirements:
    • Continuous licensure and practice as a psychologist for the last 4 years with the minimum required work experience hours as listed in K.A.R. 102-1-3b(b)(3)(A), and
    • doctoral degree in psychology.

This is for currently licensed psychologists at the independent level.  When approved, a temporary permit will allow for 30 days of practice in the year the temporary permit is active.



EPPP Score Transfer

You may visit www.psypro.org to request your EPPP score transferred to another state.

For additional information, see www.asppb.net/page/ScoreTransfer