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ANNOUNCEMENT - Enactment of Senate Sub. for HB 2208

The Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board is proud to announce the enactment of Senate Sub. for HB 2208, a bill requested by the Board of the BSRB that includes many helpful statutory changes, including expanded authorization of supervision by televideo, changes to required hours, and other significant modifications to requirements for licensees and aspiring licensees. Please read the following message from the Executive Director for an explanation of the new provisions and how these changes affect individuals seeking licensure.

(Note: The original message announcing the enactment of HB 2208 erroneously stated that for clinical licensure, 50 hours of direct supervision should be group supervision. A corrected version of the announcement is posted below.)

Please click on this link for information regarding these changes.

Expiration of Professional Licenses after May 28, 2021

During the pandemic, expiration of professional licenses was delayed by Executive Orders from the Governor, but these licenses were scheduled to expire after May 28 (or at the expiration of the current state of emergency, whichever date was earlier). This information was posted to the BSRB website on April 1, 2021. On April 27, the Governor issued Executive Order 21-22, which enables regulatory agencies to return to enforcing licensure expiration dates and deadlines for continuing education hours. To ensure the BSRB is able to maintain public protection through fulfillment of its statutory responsibilities, the BSRB will be enforcing expiration dates for licensure after May 28, 2021. The Board of the BSRB confirmed this position at a Board meeting on May 10 and provided further direction that if another state of emergency is declared past May 28, the expiration of professional licenses will still be enforced according to the normal licensure expiration schedule.

Licensure Renewal

In the interest of time, it is recommended that you renew your license using the online portal on the BSRB website at https://licensing.ks.gov/EGOV_BSRB/PersonSearchResults.aspx.

Expiration of Licenses for Permanent Licenses and Temporary Licenses

If you have a permanent license under the BSRB that was scheduled to expire between May 2020 and the current date, but you are no longer practicing and wish to allow your license to expire, you do not need to take any further action.

If you are practicing under a permanent license under the BSRB that was scheduled to expire between May 2020 and the current date, and you are continuing to practice under that license, please take action now to renew your license as soon as possible, but no later than May 28, 2021, to ensure there are no issues when expiration of licensure is enforced. If you fail to renew your license on or before May 28, your license will expire and you will be required to reinstate your license, paying both the renewal fee and penalty fee, if you wish to continue practicing in the state of Kansas.

If you are practicing under a temporary license under the BSRB that was schedule to expire between May 2020 and the current date, please be aware that temporary licenses cannot be renewed and we will be enforcing the expiration of temporary licenses after May 28, 2021.

Continuing Education Hours

Continuing education hours will apply to the current licensure period. You cannot accrue continuing education hours towards a future licensure time period until after you have renewed your license.


Click Here for helpful information.

If you would like to renew by paper here is a direct link to the forms on our website: https://ksbsrb.ks.gov/forms

If you would like to renew online here is a direct link to our online renewal site:  https://licensing.ks.gov/EGOV_BSRB/PersonSearchResults.aspx 

We are pleased to offer access to our laws, rules, disciplinary actions, roster of licensees, and other useful information for professionals and consumers. We hope you will visit the site often to update and refresh your understanding of the various levels of our licensed professionals and standards of practice.

The Board and staff welcome your input, comments, concerns, and suggestions by letter, telephone, email, or fax. We want to hear from you on all issues of concern to you as a consumer or provider. If you hope to become licensed in Kansas, we welcome you! We hope to facilitate a smooth transition from student to licensed professional.

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Important Notice: The enactment of HB 2208 includes significant changes for several licenses under the BSRB.

Please click on this link for information regarding these changes.

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