Disciplinary/Investigations FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions - Complaints/Investigations

Learn the Disciplinary Procedure

If you have questions about complaints, contact our office at (785) 296-3240.

Click Here to obtain the Report of Alleged Violation (RAV) form, or call the board office to have one mailed to you. 

  • Q. Which professionals does the Board regulate?

  • Q. Who should file a complaint?

  • Q. How do I file a complaint?

  • Q. I don't want to wait to fill out the complaint form. Can't I just tell you over the phone or e-mail you? Can I fax the complaint form?

  • Q. Why do I have to file complaint? Can’t you just call that person or their boss?

  • Q. Does the Board need my confidential records to investigate my complaint?

  • Q. What happens after I send my complaint to the Board?

  • Q. How long does the process take?

  • Q. What happens after the investigation is completed?

  • Q. Will I be notified of the outcome of the investigation?

  • Q. Who is on the Complaint Review Committee?

  • Q. What are some examples of prohibited acts?