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Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board
Eisenhower State Office Building
700 S.W. Harrison St, Ste 420,
Topeka, KS 66603-3817
Phone: 785-296-3240
Fax: 785-296-3112




Area of Expertise

David B. Fye, J.D.

Executive Director


Leslie Allen

Assistant Director
Licensing Manager

Reciprocity - All Professions
Licensed Psychology

Sami Barksdale  Licensing Specialist  Addiction Counseling
Social Work - Bachelors and Masters
Misty Coon  License Renewal Specialist  Renewals/Reinstatements
Audits/CEU's - All Professions 

Cindy D’Ercole

Special Investigator


Joan Hahn

Licensing Specialist
Special Investigator

Clinical Training Plans - All Professions
Clinical Level Licensure - All Professions

Tyla Wadsworth

Administrative Assistant

License Assistant
Back-up Receptionist

Ashley VanBuskirk

Web Technician

Website Management

Anne Warner

Licensing Specialist

Behavior Analyst
Marriage & Family Therapy (Non-Clinical)
Masters Level Psychology (Non-Clinical)
Professional Counseling (Non-Clinical)

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